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The International Society of Lymphology (ISL) was founded during the First International Symposium of Lymphology in Zurich, July, 1966. Now, after its 50th year of existence, the Society has some 350 members from 44 nations.

Affiliated groups are: The Japanese Society of Lymphology, The North American Society of Lymphology, The German Speaking Section of Lymphology, The Groupement Europeen de Lymphologie, the Association de Lymphologie de Langue Francais, the British Lymphology Interest Group, Club de Linfologia (Spain), Asociation Argentina de Linfologia, and the Latin-Mediterranean Chapter.

Sandro Michelini President and Marlys Witte General Secretary


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people took part in 2017 Congress
Aug 20, 2019 by webm
Prof. Dr. Cristobal M. Papendieck Congress President Dr. Miguel A. Amore Congress President
Aug 21, 2019 by webm
Congress President Jaume Masià Isao Koshima Honorary President
Aug 22, 2019 by webm
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Prof. Sandro Michelini, new ISL Presidente

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